ARM Projects


-Improving the T-962 Reflow Oven



2 thoughts on “ARM Projects

  1. Thanks for your offer! Can I leave here the pics/drawing and address? Alternatively what is your normal email please? I can send you photographs / drawing in Sketchup. I had another session, and I realised I do get some hot air leak via the cooling fan. I managed to counteract it with setting the PWM to 8 and adjusting the pot to 8V on recirc. fan. I made it all from stainless steel, which is quite diff. to work with and I managed to MIG weld the fan to SS tube, mainly not to transfer the heat onto the motor spindle, as stainless is poor thermal conductor. I will make few kits, get the stainless steel parts laser cut and weld the fan to spindle to have few kits available. Can you wait a while? Modification to the oven is minimal – bit of heatshield cut out with stanley knife and 3 small drilled holes. In the worst case it can be reversed by plugging the holes with metal screws and putting back the heatshield. My address is O. Souta, 20 Jellicoe Gardens, Stanmore, HA7 3NS, email is otto at otamat dot com.


    1. I don’t think you can upload pics/drawing here, paid version may be! You can always write up your hack and put your drawings/pics up on your blog, we can then read all about it. Werner placed a link to my hack here and If you place a link here, people will find their ways to yours too.


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