802.11ac for Raspberry Pi 2

802.11ac-01I recently replaced my broken 802.11n router with a new 802.11ac router . The old router just stopped working for some unknown reason. To take advantage of the new 5GHz band and improved bandwidth this device offered, I also bought an 802.11ac dongle for use with my old notebook which only has built-in 802.11n WiFi. I’m happy with the performance and things were working fine until one day, something in my head tells me that I should run my Raspberry Pi 2 with this 802.11ac dongle too. I want to take advantage with the improved speed and bandwidth. The dongle comes with a driver disk, with drivers available for MS Windows, Mac and even Linux. Despite the popularity of the Raspberry Pi, you won’t find any per-compiled Raspberry Pi driver on the disk. Like many seasoned Linux users, you’ll need to “roll-your-own” driver. There are many success stories about building WiFi device drivers for the Raspberry Pi on the Internet, I would like to share with you how I get my 802.11ac dongle working on my Raspberry Pi 2.


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